Internet Success: Feed Forward Online Academy for English speakers worldwide

We are happy to let you know that we’ve launched the 1 year training programme
“Internet Success: Feed Forward Online Academy”!

In every day on the Internet there is rolled a huge amount of online payments, earnings from advertising, payments for sales through affiliate marketing and others. Do you want to promote yourself better using this resource or to learn how to develop from scratch a successful Internet business?

We kindly invite you to grab this opportunity which will change forever the way you relate yourself with the online.

The promise of the programme?

In just a few months (or faster, this depends on your efforts!) you will have as after many years of practice the most important skills for promoting your activities through internet or to start internet businesses. Even if sometimes in the future you will hire consultants for certain tasks, you will be able to handle very easy the dialogue with them and the information which will be received from them.

Internet Success: Feed Forward Online Academy

Training, resources, consultancy, promo for advertising on the internet and development of internet businesses

Which is the Academy’s offer?

1. An unique and complex training programme with full access for 1 year. The written, audio and video materials are in English. You can access them at every hour, in every moment based on an user and a password.

Among the themes:

a. Development of Websites and Blogs without having programming skills – rich in content and interesting for your target audience to obtain, targeted visitors, leads and orders;
b. Methods of study of the market niches on the internet to be able to find in every moment what have to be done to be with one step ahead of the competition;
c. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique, a way of working which will allow your site/ blog to be indexed by the search engines;
d. Affiliate marketing – almost everything about this business; how to earn money by promoting other people’s products and how to attract an army of collaborators to promote for you your products and services and to pay a percentage from the results and nothing more;
e. Marketing through e-mail: methods, techniques, platforms, how you can automatize this process;
f. How to build credibility and to grow exponentially your sales through the social networks – Facebook, Twitter and others;
g. To understand how “thinks” the Google search engine to accept and promote your online projects; everything you need to know about Ad Sense and Ad Words;
h. How to promote your businesses through articles and press releases;

+ many, many more

2. If you own an internet domain we build for you a blog using WordPress platform and host it for you for 1 year (on high capacity servers from UK and USA) – this is the hosting website – The design of the blog will be adapted to the activity you want to promote through it, will be optimised for the search engines and connected to the most important social networks. As extras, we offer you 10 e-mail addresses with syntax “whatyouwant@yourdomain”. If you don’t have an internet domain we will let you know what steps you have to do to acquire one (it takes only 5 minutes). During the 1 year training period you will receive assistance for transforming your blog in a successfull project to be able to promote also other businesses and sites through it.

Separately, we can help you to develop also other sites, blogs which you will be able to host anywhere … because you will know what have to be done. After Finishing the programme, the blog built by us will be yours 100 % and you will be able to host on our servers (for an annual fee of 30 eur/ 45 usd) or export it on other platform.

3. Access to the newest articles/ updates from “The Internet Marketing Industry”.
What the academy offers “IS NOT THEORY”. It is know how with immediate aplicability. Also as extra, due to the fact that in the online, the changes are happening very fast, part of the information which you will receive will be adjusted according with the market trends. The learning techniques will be as when looking above the specialist’s shoulder to see what he’s doing and to copy it on your computer.

The fee for the 1 year programme is 400 eur/ 595 USD and is a one time payment. All the training is done online and can be accessed from anywhere in the world.

The payment can be done by paypal or electronic swift. Please contact for payment details and any other information. Every training 1 year module begins the next day after the payment is made because we use a personalised e-mail system for every attendant. You will receive immediate assistance for setting up your blog.

Feed Forward Online Academy

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