Creare Human Resources opens a new age for the HR market in Romania


At the beginning of this year, the HR market from Romania has enriched with a new presence : Creare Human Resources.Creare Human Resources includes in its very name the notion of creation, of continuos building and personal development.Creare Human Resources is a company offering business and HR consultancy.The aim of the company is to assure for the players from all fields of Romania’s economy the professional success in a continuous moving world. In this respect, Creare Human Resources offers services both in public and private sector: business consultancy, HR consultancy, training programs, personnel recruitment, outsourcing services, personnel leasing, outplacement, management of training programe,  ESF projects consultancy and professional guidance. The company Creare Human Resources is founded by Mr. Pau Hortal, a HR professional with background in studies of industrial psychology and HR developed during 34 years of experience in this field. In 1988 Pau Hortal has started in Spain his own company – Creade, which was for 20 years in top of the Spanish HR companies and was sold to the Adecco group.Asked why choosed Romania, Mr. Pau Hortal stated:” Romania was a discovery for me almost 2 years ago. What has started as a holiday trip has transformed into one of my core essential projects. I think that the main reason for this is that I see Romania as I saw Spain 25 years ago and I see the young people from Romania with potential and possibilities to <conquer the world>”. Pau Hortal choose for the Creare staff the professionals with knowledge for listening to the customers, anticipating the needs and materialising their necessities. For the best referrences, please visit the company’s website, or Pau Hortal’s blog


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